Most two way radios have a simple AC adapter which plugs into the device and recharges its battery. However, there are some more intriguing charger types around, which you will find out about if you keep reading. Before buying a charger, remember to check if it is compatible with your two way radio, since different battery types require different chargers.

Charger types

Drop-in chargers, for example, allow for neat storage of your device and they have the added benefit of being able to recharge your backup batteries as well. This way, you can always have a fully charged battery in case of emergency, as discussed in the batteries section. Most two way radios come in pairs, and some have a separate drop-in charger for each unit which is very convenient as they don’t have to be stored and recharged together.

Multi-charging units are particularly useful if you have many two way radios and want to get rid of the multiple chargers. They support simultaneous charging of up to six (in certain cases even more) radios at a time, with only one cable going to the wall socket, reducing the cable salad nightmare. However, they are usually expensive and aimed at business and public service users.

Solar chargers are also available, mainly as multi-purpose chargers with a wide range of adapters which suit almost any device. They are very useful for prolonging your device’s battery life when the electricity network is not readily available. Solar two way radio chargers are ideal for camping trips, trekking and other activities which result in a prolonged stay in the wild.